ID 3178368


Joyroom stand multifunctional HUB USB Type C - USB 3.0 / RJ45 / HDMI / USB Type C / Thunderbolt for MacBook Pro

The HUB on one side and the stand on the other. A device designed specifically for Apple MacBook Pro to improve air circulation and, as a result, prevent the computer from overheating. • HUB is a stand that facilitates heat dissipation. Raising the back of the laptop on the stand prevents the device from heating up excessively. It is also a better position at work and less strain on the spine. • The HUB has 8 ports to which you can connect, for example, a keyboard, mouse, hard drive, network cable or HDMI cable. • Support for Thunderbolt 3 technology allows you to charge the computer's battery, data transfer up to 40 Gbps and image transfer. • It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the MacBook Pro. You can quickly and safely charge the battery in your computer. • Flawless 5K resolution images. • The adapter is travel-sized and fits anywhere. • Non-slip silicone pads. They prevent the device from slipping.

Specification : • Brand: Joyroom • Material: aluminum alloy + plastic • Built-in connectors: 2 * Thunderbol 3, 1 * USB-C, 1 * HDMI, 3 * USB-A, and 1 * Gigabit Ethernet • HDMI resolution: 1080р @ 60Hz, 4K @ 30Hz • Network card: 1000 Mbps • USB 3.0 data transfer: up to 5 Gbps • Thunderbolt 3 connector: data transfer up to 40 Gbps • Weight: 130 g • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 40mm • Grey colour

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