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Nillkin PowerFlash Qi Wireless ChargerThe Nillkin PowerFlash QI wireless charger supports 15w, 10w and 7.5 w charging modes. Simply place your wireless charging enabled device on the charger to charge it. It offers the wireless convenience of wireless charging as well as standard QI features.Heat dissipating DesignThe Nillkin power flash QI wireless charger is equipped with a convection structure as well as an internal cooling fan which ensures maximum efficiency and speed while charging. It features high standard safety technology in addition to a simple and elegant design.Intelligent ChargeIt features a smart chip that ensures efficient conversion as well as optimal protection. All charging modes support fast wireless charging and continuous fast charging.Inbuilt Cooling SystemThe unique inbuilt cooling system provides efficient heat dissipation during the process.It includes a Nillkin fifth-generation hydraulic cooling fan equipped with turbine blades for efficient heat dissipation through its 66 precision vents, as well as low noise which prevents overheating and slow down during operation.Faster Wireless ChargingIt is significantly faster than other wireless chargers available on the market based on a performance experiment using a real device.Specifications:

  • Input: 5V/2A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A
  • Output: 15W (MAX)
  • Transmission distance: <= 6mm
  • Charging efficiency: 78%
  • Product size: 102*102*21,7mm

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