ID 3177607


The Akyga® AK-SW-10 charging stand has been designed with Samsung watches in mind. It has a specially contoured shape that ensures a perfect fit of the smartwatch to the wireless charging surface. Moreover, the vertical part of the charger is equipped with magnets, which are designed to keep the watch in the right position during charging. This prevents the smartwatch from slipping and is thus protected against accidental knocking it off the station. An undoubted advantage of the charger is the high quality of finish. At the bottom of the cradle there is an anti-slip rubber pad. It increases the grip of the stand, while reducing the chances of unwanted sliding on the surface of the desk or table. The upper part has a nice to the touch coating, which protects your watch from scratches. The stand has a detachable micro USB - USB cable with a length of 1m. This solution allows you to change the length of the connected cable, depending on your needs. In addition, universal USB connector allows you to freely choose the power source. It can be either a desktop computer, notebook, AC adapter or a travel powerbank. On the front of the stand was placed LED light. The built-in light changes color to red, blue and green depending on the charging status. It fits the Gear S2, Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic, Galaxy Watch 42 mm and Galaxy Watch 46 mm, among other models.

Izmērs 14 x 12 x 8