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Features Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-Reflective The original tempered glass of the Danish brand PanzerGlass from the Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-Reflective + EasyAligner series will protect the smartphone and minimize the effects of everyday adversity, such as keys waiting to touch the screen or an edge that has come too close to the phone, while effectively reducing any reflections from the sun or artificial lighting. Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-Reflective + EasyAligner lenses are compatible with most cases, but it is worth making sure that the products will fit together first. To check this, please note that: the dimensions of the glass must be smaller than the internal dimensions of the cover the case must not overlap the glass Protection on many levels None of these things, Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-Reflective + EasyAligner, in addition to the highest protection with the power of diamond, maintains full touch sensitivity, and thanks to the oleophobic coating that prevents smudges and fingerprints, you will not have to maniacally wipe the screen every 10 minutes. Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-Reflective + EasyAligner protects not only the display - the antibacterial coating also protects the user. In turn, the anti-reflective coating will make the screen readable even in direct sunlight! Simple assembly The application of the glass is so simple that one application is probably enough. The glass can be reassembled up to 200 times. The EasyAligner application frame included in the set will fix the glass in a straight position. The PanzerGlass Ultra-Wide Fit Anti-reflective Light + EasyAligner comes with 1 tempered glass, application frame, wet cloth, dry microfiber cloth and anti-dust sticker. The packaging is FSC certified, which means it can be recycled.

Izmērs 14 x 12 x 8