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Paper Feeling™ - Draw, write and protect your device

Like paper

It enhances the screen by up to 200%.

No dirt

Fingerprint reduction

Are you a graphic designer or developer and do you take care of even the smallest detail in your daily work? You perfect your designs with the utmost care, until suddenly an unsightly greasy spot appears on the screen. Forget it! Paper Feeling™ is a film that is easy to clean and prevents screen stains.

Light-reflective coating

If you use your tablet a lot in your daily work, you will appreciate the convenience of Paper Feeling™ film. Not only will you protect your tablet and keep it safe, but the light-reflective coating will give you an extraordinary feeling of comfort and take your experience of using your device to a whole new level.

Soft as paper

The stylus glides across the screen, but you feel like you're writing on a piece of paper. It really is a sensational feeling. With Paper Feeling protective film, you can move with the times without having to give up what you love – the sensual feeling of writing on paper. Paper Feeling™ is a nostalgic return to the past in the form of a modern, paper-like protective film. All to make writing and drawing on the screen a pleasure.

Effective and robust protection

You are writing, drawing – just a moment of inattention and your expensive device hits the pavement or the floor. A pressure in the stomach and that thought – is the screen all right? We know it well. This is why we have ensured that the Paper Feeling™ protective film not only imitates paper, but also an armoured glass pane. This unique film strengthens the screen up to 200%, effectively protecting your tablet or smartphone screen from scratches and shattering.

And always clean

Nobody likes writing on dirty, stained sheets of paper, do they? Simply wipe the Paper Feeling™ protective film to enjoy a perfectly clear display. Write and draw on a screen with a unique paper texture, without fingerprints or dirt! What more could you want?


Protection typePet film - Paper Feeling™
Impact reinforcementup to 200%
Thickness0.180 mm
Technologies used:- Laser production technology- Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive- Fit-In™ positioning strips- Dust-Fix™ strips
Set includes:- 1 piece Paper Feeling™ (front),– Fit-In™ positioning strips– Dust-Fix™ strips– Anti-Bubble Card™,– CleaningSet.
Guarantee24 months

Izmērs 14 x 10 x 3