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Baseus Minimalist magnetic case for Pad 10 10.9″ (baby pink)

Your iPad deserves the best protection, which is why Baseus has perfected a case created specifically for the Pad 10 10.9″ series devices that will not only provide solid protection against drops, scratches, etc., but will also work great as a stand when playing games or watching movies.

Full range of protection

The Baseus case is distinguished by its carefully considered design, which provides protection for both the back of the device and its screen. The edges of the case act like an air cushion - keeping your iPad safe in the event of a fall.

Designed specifically for your iPad

The product is designed specifically for the Pad 10 10.9″. This means that it fits perfectly to your device. What's more, elements such as speakers and buttons have been included, so by using the case, you can comfortably use all the functions of your iPad. But it doesn't stop there! The case is equipped with holes to dissipate heat, so your equipment won't overheat.

Reliable stand

This product is not only a great protection for your device, but also a great solution when you often watch movies or play games on your iPad. The foldable design of the case means you can use it as a stand. Just fold the opening part accordingly to put your iPad in your favorite position - vertically or horizontally - the choice is yours! Multiple support points allow you to stably support your device when you need it.

Additional amenities

These are not all the advantages of the Baseus case! The product is equipped with a special place for a stylus - you can fit Baseus Stylus Pen/Apple Pencil II or Apple Pencil I there. The use of flexible TPU material allows you to comfortably insert and remove the device, allowing you to easily reach for the stylus whenever you need it! What's more, the case provides an automatic sleep and start function for your tablet - just close the case to blank the screen or open it to automatically start it up. Convenient, right?

High-quality materials

The case was created from sturdy, yet flexible TPU material. It is resistant to greasy stains, so keeping it clean won't be a problem for you. The material is exceptionally pleasant to the touch, and thanks to its soft texture, installation and removal is child's play.

Pad 10 10.9″
Baby pink
Izmērs 12 x 4 x 2
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