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HardGlass Max Privacy™ – Privacy-protecting full screen tempered glass

Privacy – it fades and dims the image from as little as 30º

Privacy – it fades and dims the image from as little as 30º

Easy to install – thanks to included accessories and instructions

Keep your content to yourself

HardGlass Max Privacy™ is a new generation edge-to-edge privacy tempered glass. It precisely covers the entire curved screen, protecting the content displayed on it from the gaze of others. The glass fades and dims the image from as little as 30º This allows you to securely send messages, browse your mail and perform other activities on your phone in public spaces, such as sitting in a restaurant or on a train. The innovative Privacy-Blur™ technology is responsible for the uncompromising privacy properties of HardGlass Max Privacy™ tempered glass.

Get armoured screen protection

Be confident about your smartphone screen. 3mk HardGlass Max Privacy™ privacy tempered glass provides maximum surface protection against scratches from sharp objects such as keys. The hardness of the glass according to the Wolf-Wilburn scale is a record 9H and the thickness is 0.3 mm. The structure is reinforced with Anti-Crash film. HardGlass Max Privacy™ features smoothed and curved edges with 3D Edge technology. This allows it to precisely cover rounded screen edges.

Put it on and forget you have glass on your phone

Simple and precise installation of HardGlass Max Privacy™ privacy glass is ensured by the Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive substance. It prevents the formation of air bubbles and, if they did appear, makes it easier to ‘push them out’. Installation of tempered glass is further facilitated by the overlapping surface. The oleophobic coating guarantees perfect finger glide, instant screen response to touch and effortless glass cleaning. You don't have to worry about colour distortion. HardGlass Max Privacy™ privacy tempered glass gives you the assurance of faithful reproduction of the displayed image.

Set includes: – HardGlass Max Privacy™ (front),– Anti-Bubble Card™,– moistened cloth,– dry cloth.
Guarantee 24 months

Izmērs 14 x 10 x 3