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Wozinsky Long Flexible Phone or Tablet Wozinsky - Black (WTHBK5)

Enjoy your favorite series or e-book lying comfortably on the bed or sofa. The flexible holder for the Wozinsky WTHBK5 phone or tablet is very easy to adjust to any position you choose: thanks to the flexible arm, you can turn it in any direction . Importantly, despite its flexibility, the handle is very stable. It is a universal gadget that will hold both phones and tablets with a diagonal of 4.7-11 inches . You can attach it to any tabletop, desk, table or headboard.


  • Brand : Wozinsky
  • Model : WTHBK5
  • Mounting method : top, desk, table, headrest
  • Compatibility : phones and tablets with a diagonal of 4.7-11 inches
  • Materials : ABS, silicone, aluminum
  • Dimensions : 110 cm
  • Weight : 368 g
  • Color : black
The most important advantages of the flexible Wozinsky WTHBK5 phone or tablet holder:
  • You will set the screen angle exactly the way you want . The base of the handle is a flexible arm
  • It will hold both phones and tablets . The holder is compatible with device models with a diagonal of 4.7-11 inches
  • It will allow you to comfortably watch movies, conduct video calls, and read e- books. Perfect for many everyday situations
  • You will mount it quickly and conveniently . It has special clamps that you can clamp on the desk top or the headboard of the bed
  • It remains stable no matter where it is mounted . It has non-slip pads and a durable construction
Adjustable, flexible holder for a phone or tablet

The flexible Wozinsky WTHBK5 phone or tablet holder is a good solution for your spine and neck . It has an ergonomic design based on two arms: one flexible, the other rigid. Thanks to them, the handle can be freely adjusted 360 degrees - in any direction, ensuring the best viewing angle. This way you will relieve your neck and shoulders.

Wide compatibility of flexible tablet or phone holder

The Wozinsky WTHBK5 holder is compatible with devices with a diagonal of 4.7-11 inches such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, iPad mini 6 or iPad Air of the second generation. You can also attach Kindle e-book readers or a Nintendo Switch console. The phone or tablet placed in the clamps is stable and does not move - it will not fall out during use.

Flexible phone holder for work and entertainment

It is a very multifunctional gadget that will work both at work and at home . A flexible Wozinsky WTHBK5 phone or tablet holder allows you to conveniently vlog, watch videos on YouTube or a selected VOD service, chat in videoconference mode, play on the console or read an e-book.

Convenient mounting to a flat surface

The flexible phone holder is not only easy to use and adjust from multiple angles. Wozinsky WTHBK5 can be mounted on a table top, headboard, bedside table or table . The clamping force can be easily adjusted thanks to a special clip. You can adjust the handle perfectly to your needs and circumstances.

Flexible holder for a phone or tablet with a solid structure

Wozinsky WTHBK5 was made of aluminum alloy and plastic. It has adequate reinforcements and non-slip pads for even better stability .

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