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Baseus Easy Control Clamp car mount with suction cup

Conveniently use navigation or take calls while driving. Baseus Easy Control Clamp holder provides reliable stability. It is extremely easy and convenient to use. Moreover, it also allows you to adjust the viewing angle to suit your needs. Thanks to the strong suction cup, you can easily mount it on the dashboard or windshield.

Impressive stability

You don't have to worry about your smartphone falling out of the holder or being damaged. The product is distinguished by its well-thought-out design, which ensures full stability even when driving on demanding terrain. Anti-slip elements protect your device from scratches and shocks.

Convenient one-handed operation of the phone

The accessory has been designed so that you can conveniently place your smartphone with it and remove it with one hand - just press the dedicated button. You can also adjust the position of the phone to suit your needs or preferences. Thanks to the 360° rotation of the head and the suction cup base, you can easily adjust the right viewing angle. You can also zoom in or out of the phone without any problems.

Refined in every detail

Comfortably and safely charge your device in your car. The Easy Control Clamp car mount features a practical, exposed port that allows you to seamlessly connect your phone. You no longer have to worry about not being able to use the holder while charging your smartphone! What's more, you can successfully adjust the width of the holder to your device, so it will handle most popular models on the market.


ABS + aluminum alloy
Izmērs 12 x 4 x 2