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Astronauts, space shuttles, satellites – are you fascinated by anything that goes into space? Then why not bring the magic of space travel into your own home with the SPACE Exploration NASA space projector? You’ll be amazed as you let the 24 motifs on the 3 slide discs light up one after the other across your wall.

Get up close and personal with famous NASA astronauts on their spacewalks and explorations with the moon rover. From launch position to flight and docking, the space projector also displays exciting space shuttle photos. Plus, there are also the stars in our own solar system – the moon, planets such as Saturn and Earth, as well as our own sun will show you their best side in these bright images.

Launch into space – with the space projector

In NASA style: before you get started, why not decorate your space projector with a rocket, the NASA logo and other great motifs using the stickers provided? Then all you need to do is insert the disc and you’ll have lift off! Operation is extremely easy – simply turn the slide disc to admire the next motif.

You’ll get the prefect picture if you keep the distance to the wall or ceiling between 1.8 and 2 m. The images will shine perfectly on a large project area of 61 x 66 cm. You can use the focus wheel at the front to focus. From the wall to the ceiling and back: simply rotate the globe in the stand to adjust the projection angle. This way, your space motifs will always appear exactly where you can view them best.

Follow in the footsteps of NASA’s famous explorers with the SPACE Exploration NASA Space Projector.

And if you want to find out more about the sun, moon, stars and other space objects, we recommend reading the book “Julius researches the universe – Research, discover, and crafting”, which is full of interesting facts, exciting experiments and space-themed handicraft ideas.

  • Projector for children with 24 astronomical images
  • Includes stickers in space and NASA design so that you can design your projector how you want
  • Optimal distance to wall/ceiling: approx. 1.8 m - 2 m
  • Large projection area: approx. 61 x 66 cm at a distance of 2 m
  • Focus wheel
  • 3 slide discs with 8 topical motifs
  • Astronauts in space
  • Space shuttles and satellites
  • The sun, moon and planets
  • Freely adjustable projection angle
  • Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • For children aged 6 and above

  • Space projector
  • Stand
  • 3 slide discs with 8 astronomy-themed images
  • Space and NASA design stickers
  • Instruction manual

Technical Data
ELECTRONICS, HARDWARE & SOFTWARE Power supply 1.5V Batteries
GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA Colour grey Extended warranty 5 years

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