ID 1940084
Pieejams 5 gab.
Similar to original: Philips AquaClean CA6903 water filter cartridge.
Fits for: Gaggia Velasca Prestige/Super, Philips 3100, 4000, 5000 & Saeco Exprelia, GranBaristo Avanti/Super, Incanto, PicoBaristo Super series.
This filter purifies the water of e.g. chlorine, lead and copper, but the machine does not remain free from limescale.
We recommend you to descale your machine at least 2x per year (Always remove the water filter before descaling).
The pattern filters 50 liters of water. This is equivalent to about 400 cups of coffee or 1000 cups of espresso. Replace the filter at least every two months.
Vent the filter before installation: immerse the filter upside down in a jug with cold water and wait until no more air bubbles come out.
Packing content: 1
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