ID 1611358
Pieejams 4 gab.
Elektroenerģijas klase A++
BOOST - the boost function can be activated for a limited time of 10 minutes for each cooking zone. 
RESIDUAL HEAT - after the power levels turning off, the residual heat on a cooking element is displayed as long as the temperature is over 65°, since this temperature is still enough to cause injury.
POT DETETION - it requires max 2.5 sec to check if cookware is placed on cooking zone or not.
HEAT UP - active heat up time automatic can be activated for any cooling level from 0 to 9 but not for special functions like boost or warming function. The cooking zone level is set to the highest value (100%) for a period time depending on selected continuous cooking level.
BRIDGE FUNCTION - with the bridge function two separate cooking elements/inductors with the same diameter and equal power can be switched on at the same time and controlled as one cooking zone only.
WARMING FUNCTION - this function is used to keep cooked food warm. On Galileo Smart there is just one level while on NG we got 3 levels.
CHILD LOCK - the keys could be locked to suppress unintended actions and as protection of children.
KEY LOCK - Key lock in a functionality intended to lock the keys during the cooktop is in operation or in pause state. This is useful for cleaning purposes.
PAUSE FUNCTION - Is a feature to freeze the cooktop for max 10 min e.g. if the user is leaving the cooktop for a short period of time. During the pause no cooking zone will dissipate any power, and booster/heat up will be stopped automatically.
COOKING Z. TIMER - Can be used to switch a cooking zone OFF automatically after the set time has run out. During the time is running, the cooking zone can be operated normally. Each cooking zone has an independent timer. If more than one timer is set, the timer will always display the lowest remaining time.
STAND ALONE TIMER - Has the the behavior of an egg timer and can only be activated if the cooktop powered on, but no cooking zone is active. It can be adjusted within a range of 1 to 99 minutes. After the adjusted time has run out, a signal tone will be emitted. If stand-alone timer is running, the cooking zones can be operated normally.