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CatLink Scooper litter box steps

Give your cat more convenient access to the CatLink Scooper litter box and say goodbye to the problem of litter spilling around. Made of durable polypropylene, the stairs feature a dense grid and non-slip pads that prevent them from sliding on the floor. They do not take up too much space - only 0.3m2. They perfectly fit the litter box and effectively collect litter falling from the cat's paws or hair.

Take care of your cat

Older or sick cats may have trouble jumping into the litter box. This special stair by CatLink will make it easier for it to use. The product is made of durable and pet-safe polypropylene. This allows your pet to use it comfortably.

Forget the mess

The stairs have been fitted with a high-density grid to ensure that litter falling from your cat's paws and fur ends up in the large container inside, rather than on your floor. The opening located at the back allows for quick and convenient emptying.


CATLINK Litter-catching Stair for Smart Litter Box
Smart CatLink litter box
Izmērs 23 x 35 x 57