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Pieejams 325 gab.

GRAY CAT Scratcher 3 floors 71cm

  • PROTECTION OF FURNITURE AND HOME EQUIPMENT - the scratching post is an alternative to scratching furniture, carpets or other surfaces at home. By giving your cat a good place to scratch, you minimize the risk of damaging expensive furniture and decorations in your home . The scratching post distracts cats from scratching inappropriate places, which is beneficial for both cats and owners.
  • FUN AND ACTIVITY - the cat scratcher has various elements to play with. Platform, hanger, posts, lair or hidden places. This encourages your cat to exercise, jump, climb and explore. It also helps keep him fit and prevents boredom . The scratching post often becomes the cat's favorite place to play and rest.
  • STRESS REDUCTION - for cats, scratching can also be a form of stress and tension release. By giving your cat a scratching post, you give it a tool to cope with stress and tension, especially in situations such as changes in the environment, the presence of other animals or prolonged loneliness.
  • 3 storeys - the floors of the cat scratcher are lined with exceptionally soft fur, which guarantees a comfortable rest with purring in the background. The main advantage of the tree is a lounger. The kitten will be able to rest freely. 3 levels to observe cat's curiosity. In case of boredom, you can also hunt for a soft ball / toy mounted on a rubber band - you can catch and attack it.
  • SPECIFICATION - color: gray / beige; material: mdf board, plush, sisal rope; bed length: 39cm; 34cm; dimensions: 71 x 40.5 x 48.5 cm; weight: 5.8 kg; weight in the package: 6.25 kg.


  • color: gray / beige
  • material: mdf board, plush, sisal rope
  • bed length: 39cm; 34 cm
  • dimensions: 71 x 40.5 x 48.5 cm
  • weight: 5.8 kg
  • weight in the package: 6.25 kg


  • scratching post
  • mounting kit
  • imbus

A cat scratcher is a special place that gives your cat a place to scratch its claws. Cats naturally need scratching to groom their claws, remove their outer layer, and bring out their natural instincts. Cat scratchers are also useful to distract your cat from scratching furniture, carpets or other inappropriate places. In addition, the scratching post is a place to rest and observe.