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Blitzwolf AA-BT2 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C transmitter

The Blitzwolf AA-BT2 transmitter will allow you to send audio from your device of choice to your headphones or speakers. It features wide compatibility and uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so you can enjoy reliable transmission. At the same time, the product is extremely lightweight and portable. It also allows you to transmit audio to 2 devices simultaneously. You'll also find an additional adapter and a 3.5mm microphone included.

2 connection options

Use your transmitter the way you want and enjoy even more convenience. You can connect it directly to the USB-C port of your TV, computer or console, or use the included USB adapter. Almost nothing limits you!

Bluetooth 5.0

Ensure the level of immersion you've been dreaming of and immerse yourself even more in the game. The transmitter connects to your devices via Bluetooth 5.0, so you can enjoy high-quality sound and low latency. You'll also forget about stuttering and other signal problems. Now you can easily beat your opponents!

Small microphone included

If you often play network games, you certainly know how important it can be to communicate effectively with other players. To help you with this, the kit comes with a small 3.5mm microphone that provides clear, natural sound. Now you can easily contact the other members of your team and alert them to danger!

Stream audio to 2 devices simultaneously

Do you happen to play games with another person? We have good news for you - the AA-BT2 transmitter allows you to transmit audio to 2 devices simultaneously! So, for example, you can pair it with two pairs of headphones and enjoy gameplay with your brother, friend or roommate.

Wide compatibility

Forget about compatibility problems. You can easily connect the transmitter to devices such as XBOX One, PlayStation 4, TV, laptop, computer or Nintendo Switch. What's more, the product allows you to transmit audio to most speakers and headphones from well-known brands. All that's left for you is to enjoy a movie or a game!

Lightweight and portable

Are you going on vacation? Or maybe you are facing a long train trip? Take the transmitter with you and use it wherever you want! The device is extremely light and compact - its dimensions are only 5x14x47mm. You can easily fit it in your backpack, purse or even pocket.

In the box

  • Transmitter
  • Cable with USB adapter
  • Microphone 3.5mm
  • User manual


USB-C / USB (with adapter)
Up to 8m
2.402 GHz - 2.480GHz
The device is powered from the console's USB-C port
Izmērs 4.7 x 1.4 x 0.5