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Pieejams 2 gab.

The first screen protection on the market created for mobile gamers from 3mk protection.

Are you a gamer?

Take it to the next level with 1UP screen protector.

A perfectly transparent film that does not affect the colours and brightness of the screen.

The film is up to 30% thinner than most glass. Provides faster response to touch.

It improves finger glide on the screen surface thanks to its organoleptic properties!

1UP Screen Protector shows its highest performance up to 20,000 cycles. The standard abrasion resistance level is up to 4 months! And then? If you wish,simply replace it. And keep gaming!

It features an oleophobic coating that effectively reduces attracting dust and creating greasy stains.

In addition, the anti-impact coating strengthens the entire smartphone screen by up to 400%

Safety and something more!

1UP screen protector is certified by PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) as safe for human health and has a RoHS certificate confirming compliance with EU directives on heavy metal content.

Gel installation is 100% safe for the device and guarantees a perfect look.


Protection type Protective film
Phone screen strengthening up to 400%
Thickness 0.23 mm
Warranty 12 months

The set contains: 1UP protective film - 3pcs., squeegee, installation gel, CleaningSet - 3pcs.

Izmērs 14 x 10 x 3