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Wozinsky WRBLB3 USB-C LED rear bicycle light red light STOP sensor - black

A rear bicycle light with a red light and a brake sensor, which can be charged via a USB-C cable, is a practical accessory that ensures the safety of cyclists both at night and in darker conditions. The lamp is equipped with red LEDs that emit light with high visibility for other road users in 4 available modes. The built-in braking sensor responds to changes in the bike's speed or acceleration, which allows the light to detect that the cyclist is braking. As a result, the light can automatically increase the light intensity when braking, increasing visibility and safety. The lamp is resistant to moisture and rain, which allows it to be used in various weather conditions. The product is equipped with an automatic on/off switch that, after 30 seconds of inactivity, puts the lamp into sleep mode or wakes up the lamp immediately after detecting that the bike is in motion.


  • Brand : Wozinsky
  • Model : WRBLB3
  • Color : Black
  • Mounting method : under the saddle or on the seatpost
  • Material : aluminum alloy, plastic
  • Charging port : USB-C
  • Battery capacity : 300 mAh
  • Battery life : 8-50 hours
  • IP/IPX degree of protection : IPX5
  • Available light modes : 4 (Flash Mode, Breath Mode, Fast Flash Mode, Steady On Mode)
  • The set includes : lamp, saddle holder, bicycle seatpost holder, 2 mounting O-rings, 0.3 m USB-C charging cable, 4 cable ties
  • Dimensions : 30 x 34 x 34 mm
  • Weight : 30 g

The most important advantages of the product:

  • Visibility in dark and difficult conditions - The light is especially useful when driving at night, in rain or foggy conditions when visibility is limited.
  • Automatic adjustment - You don't have to manually adjust the light intensity while driving. The stop sensor light does this for you, which means less distraction and more focus on driving.
  • STOP Sensor - Automatically increasing light intensity when braking helps reduce the risk of rear-end collisions by making drivers and other cyclists more aware of your actions on the road.
  • ON/OFF sensor - When the bike moves at a certain speed, the light automatically turns on, and when the bike stops, the light goes off.

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