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Manufacturer Model Color Case type Motherboard standard Side panel Front panel Dimensions Installation space for hard drives Slots for expansion cards Maximum graphics card length Max. CPU cooler height Power supply mounting location Fan installation options Number of fans installed Water cooling installation options Front panel connectors

Darkflash DK352 Plus + 4 C6 fans

Assemble your dream computer without worrying about not having enough space for your components. The Darkflash DK352 Plus computer case has a spacious interior, which allows you to equip it with an ATX / M-ATX / ITX / E-ATX motherboard or a 340 mm long graphics card. It also has transparent panels that perfectly match with backlit components. You will also find 4 Darkflash C6 fans in the set.

Many possibilities

The case supports the installation of mainboard in ATX / M-ATX / ITX / E-ATX standard. What is more, it allows to equip it with a 340 mm long graphics card and a processor up to 160 mm high. It also features access to 7 expansion slots. It provides the possibility to mount 2 HDDs and 2 or 3 SSDs. With DK352 Plus you will not feel any limitations!

Transparent panels

The case features a transparent side panel made of tempered glass. This makes it a perfect match for illuminated components - also with the included fans. Opt for a combination of functionality and visual appeal to create your dream configuration!

Cooling possibilities

The C6 fans will surprise you with their easy installation and reliable operation. Each of the 4 fans is equipped with 9 blades that stand out for their carefully thought-out, aerodynamic design. They assure effective cooling of your equipment - forget about the problems with overheating.

Stylish RGB Backlighting

The colored backlighting of the fan blades creates a striking effect. The RGB mode can be controlled via the Reset button. Want to adjust the light to your preference? It's possible! The fan supports up to 20 fantastic lighting effects. Discover the available functions and give your computer the unique character of your dreams!


Middle Tower
Tempered glass
Tempered glass + metal
390 x 200 x 450 mm
HDD x 2 / 1 SSD x 2 / 3
340 mm
160 mm
Bottom of the case
Front: 120 mm x3 fan; 140 mm x2 fan Back: 120 mm x1 fan Top: 120 mm x2; 140 mm x2 fans
4 (Darkflash C6 Black)
Front: 120 mm water cooling; 240 mm water cooling; 360 mm water cooling Top: 120 mm water cooling; 240 mm water cooling
USB 3.0 x 2 HD Audio Power Reset
Izmērs 45 x 20 x 39