ID 2366034
Pieejams 245 gab.

A wonderful toy, that explores imagination and educates. Both boys and girls will love the cleaning trolley toy. Every cleaning enthusiast will be delighted with such gift. The cleaning trolley for children is an exceptionally faithful copy of real cleaning accessories. Moreover, it has a comfortable handle to push it and four wheels, that facilitate moving the trolley.
The cleaning trolley toy has everything, what is necessary to clean the children’s room. There is a real, functional hoover, that can be used to thoroughly clean the carpet and floor from polystyrene balls. The hoover absorbs the balls to a special box, so that they can be reused while playing next time. In the cleaning trolley toy for children we will also find a real broom and a shovel, that will allow to quickly and comfortably get rid of bigger pieces of rubbish (e.g. wrappers). Of course, there are also imitations of cleaning products, thanks to which we will easily clean the furniture or mirrors.
The cleaning trolley toy is powered by 3 batteries AA (not included in the set). Its size guarantees playing in a comfortable position. The cleaning trolley toy develops imagination – one can play role of mom cleaning the house. Playing with the cleaning trolley for children educates the youngest ones to clean their own room and also that it’s worth to keep it tidy (nothing is cleaning itself on its own). It is also a perfect way to engage the little ones to clean the house – with the private cleaning playset, the child will be able to “help” the parents with the household chores.