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Audio and video cable CHOETECH supporting the new generation USB4 standard provides up to 40 Gb / s data throughput, video transmission up to 8K / 60Hz and 100W 5A charging. The cable can be used with all devices that support USB-Type C.
 Features:  Due to modern technology and the specification of USB 4.0, the cable is suitable for transferring large amounts of data in a short time. Supports fast loading (PD) function.
 Specifications:  Connections 1 and 2: USB - Type C. Maximum data throughput: 40 GB / s. Resolution: 8K Max. frame rate: 60Hz. Charging: 100W / 20V / 5A. Material: nylon, aluminum. Length: 0.8m. Color black.
 Warranty: 12 months.

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