ID 2707374

Pieejams 6 gab.

Even better sound quality is provided by the built-in modern Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity module. 
Now you can play MP3 files with much better quality - higher bitrate makes your favorite music sound even better.
The built-in FM tuner and antenna will allow you to listen to radio broadcasts whenever you want. 
Preset radio stations automatically and you're ready to go.
Thanks to the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function, pair two SPK 130 Go speakers with each other via a wireless bluetooth connection and enjoy spatial stereo sound. One of the speakers carries the sounds of the right channel and the other carries the sounds of the left channel. You can distance them from each other a few meters and have even more fun. Twice as much space! Twice the power!
Our new SPK 130 Go portable stereo bluetooth speaker, with its compact size, has a power of up to 10 RMS watts. Two built-in active, full-range diaphragms, and an additional two passive bass diaphragms allow this speaker to achieve full sound and very detailed sound.
The SPK 130 Go loudspeaker has been designed by us to fit in a bicycle bottle holder. Now, while riding a bike, you can safely listen to music, and even more space in your backpack.
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 19 cm
Color: black
USB charging cable
3.5mm Aux Mini Jack Cable
User manual