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Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro BTHA2 Headphones.

Cut off the noise and immerse yourself in the world of music. Tribit wireless headphones are equipped with active noise cancellation to effectively eliminate ambient noise. What's more, they deliver excellent sound quality and long operating time. You can also use Transparency mode to keep in touch with your surroundings. You won't have any problems operating them, and the ergonomic design ensures long-lasting comfort.

Impressive sound quality

The Tribit C1 Pro headphones are equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers, so they deliver great sound quality. What's more, the Audiodo Personal Sound system will adjust the sound to your liking, delivering crystal clear, richly detailed and deep bass sound.

Perfect for conversations

Tribit C1 Pro are great for phone calls. They are equipped with 6 microphones and AI algorithm, so they effectively reduce ambient noise, allowing you to talk freely even in the middle of the urban jungle. Now you can be sure that your interlocutors will hear you.

You hear what you want

Tribit headphones offer active noise cancellation, so you can hear what you want. So they will be perfect for the airport, subway, coffee shop or other crowded places. What's more, you can use Transparency mode if you prefer to stay in touch with your surroundings.

Long runtime, convenient charging

Listen to your favorite music for a long time. The headphones offer about 8 h of operation on a single charge. The charging case, on the other hand, is equipped with a 600 mAh battery, which translates into up to 36 h of playback. To renew the device's energy, connect it to a power source using the included charging cable. Charging time for the headphones is about 1.5 h, while the case takes 2 h.

Modern design, simple operation

Tribit C1 Pro are distinguished by their minimalist and modern design. They stand out with a matte finish, and white indicators will inform you about the battery level. What's more, their operation will not cause you any problems. You can use the dedicated buttons to answer/reject calls, adjust the volume, launch the voice assistant, etc. In addition, the included rubber bands in 5 sizes will allow you to customize the headphones even more.


  • headphones
  • interchangeable rubber bands (5 pairs)
  • USB to USB-C charging cable
  • user manual


C1 Pro
up to 10 m
Dynamic, 10 mm
50 mAh (each earphone), 600 mAh (charging case)
3.7 V
8 h (without case), 36 h (with case)
1.5 h (headphones), 2 h (case)
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Izmērs 12 x 4 x 2