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Teleskops MC 90/1250 StarNavigator NG 90 Mak AZ GoTo Meade

Preces kods: 1664469

Cena: 538.70 €
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Saņemiet veikalā 28.10.2020, noliktavā pēdējie 1 gab.
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Product description:

MC 90/1250 telescope:

This telescope is an ideal companion on trips and, as well as being an astronomical telescope it is suitable for use as a mirror spotting scope for nature watching. It is also suitable for children to take their very first steps in enjoying the night sky. This extremely compact telescope fits in virtually any hand luggage and this type is also known for its very high contrast image. With a 90mm aperture, this telescope is one of the smaller representatives of its type. The light gathering capacity is 165 times more than the naked eye alone (with a 7mm pupil). The saying 'the best telescope is one which you have with you' is very apt here, as hardly any other telescope is so easily transportable. Astronomically, this telescope has a lot to offer: the 1.3 arc seconds resolution means planets become beautiful objects to observe. Observing DSOs, such as the Orion Nebula, or scanning through the summer Milky Way is also a lot of fun. The telescope offers a suitable alternative to the usual scopes when used as a spotting scope for nature watching, and at a low price. Many classical spotting scopes only allow a fixed camera adapter at the higher end of the range at several hundred euros. This telescope is different: there are a wide range of adapters for nature photography available. The 1250mm focal length allows low-cost bird photography to be carried out for example. And of course for astrophotography it is possible to take exposures of the Moon. The sharpness of the image can be adjusted by use of a knob on the side of the 'scope which moves the primary mirror backwards of forwards. This mechanism allows a large range of focus which permits a wide range of different accessories to be used.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • very compact telescope with long focal length and 90mm aperture
  • high contrast image
  • also suitable for nature watching and nature photography

Throughout the years, the StarNavigator Series has provided space admirers and amateur astronomers computerized GoTo telescope at a great price. The StarNavigator NG (Next Generation) Series takes this to the next level. Featuring an easy to operate, lightweight, and portable robotic mount with Meade’s AudioStar computer controller. This incredible AudioStar technology knows the night sky right out of the box. Turn it on, and after a brief alignment procedure, your telescope is ready to take you on a guided tour of the night skies best objects. With Audiostars 30,000 object database and over 4 hours of audio presentations built-in the electronics, you can learn about the objects you’re viewing. It’s like having a professional astronomer with you at the telescope!

The StarNavigator NG includes a light-weight aluminum frame, advanced electronics, internal clock, external power connector, vixen dovetail receiver and full height adjustable aluminum tripod allowing comfortable viewing from either a seated or standing position. Powered by 8 AA batteries (user-supplied) or external power you will see more objects in a single night than Galileo saw in his lifetime.

The AudioStar handheld control provides a database of 30,000 astronomical objects. Once aligned to the night sky, AudioStar can position the telescope to point to any of these objects and centre them in the eyepiece - of course only if the object is above the horizon. The GoTo functionality is supplemented by additional features, such as guided tours, position display and connection to a PC.

A special feature of the AudioStar controller is its built-in speaker. The built-in Astronomer Inside technology provides over four hours of audio commentary (in English only). The built-in astronomer will relate interesting information about astronomical objects located in the field of view!

Easy Align - the computer control must be aligned with the actual night sky at the beginning of each observing session. Aligning this telescope is particularly simple - after entering the location and the orientation for north, the telescope consecutively slews to two bright stars. These must be simply centred in the eyepiece and the adjustment is complete and the telescope is now aligned.



Type Reflector
Type of build Maksutov 
Aperture (mm) 90
Focal length (mm) 1250
Aperture ratio (f/) 13,9
Resolving capacity 1,28
Limit value (mag) 11,6
Light gathering capacity 170
Max. useful magnification 180
Tube constructionFull tube


Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25"
Type of build Internal
Gear reductionwithout


Battery compartmentyes
Type of build Single tine
GoTo control yes
Power supply12
Mounting type Azimuthal 

GoTo control

Hand ControllerAudioStar
Alignment methodEasy Align


Accessory plateyes

Included accessories

Deviating optics 1.25", 90° star diagonal
Prism railVixen-Style
Finder scope Star diagonal<p> 
Dew Shieldno


SeriesStarNavigator NG 
Total weight (kg)5,6

Area of application

Astrophotographyno (Moon & Planets)
Moon & Planetsyes
Nature Observationyes
Nebulae & galaxiesyes
Sun no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for



Battery typeMignon (AA, LR6)

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