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st. Piedrujas 12, Riga
Free parking
Working hours:
Working days 9:00 - 18:00
+371 64112220
[email protected]

Public transport route
Trolleybus number 15 to the stop "Reznas Street", walk about 5 minutes.
Bus number 13, 20 to the stop "Piedrujas Street", walk about 2 min.
Minibus No. 263 in the direction of Mezciems, stop "Piedrujas Street".

Route by car (coordinates)
Width Z 56.93970
Longitude A 24.17169

SIA "Elideris"
Reg №: 40203215587
PVN №: LV40203215587
Adrese: Piedrujas 12, Rīga, LV-1035

IBAN: LT563500010005348672


Parcel machines Omniva
Latvia 3.99 €
Estonia 3.99 €
Lithuania 3.99 €
Europe 3.99 €
Points on the map
Latvian post logo
Latvian Past packomats
Latvia 2.99 €
Estonia -
Lithuania -
Europe -
Points on the map
Circle K logo
Circle K GS
Latvia 2.49 €
Estonia -
Lithuania -
Europe -
Points on the map
Latvian post logo
Latvian Past points
Latvia 4.99 €
Estonia -
Lithuania -
Europe -
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Courier service
Latvia from 7.00 €
Estonia from 7.00 €
Lithuania from 7.00 €
Europe from 15.00 €


Delivery options

  • Courier service to the door
  • Parcel machines Omniva
  • Parcel machines Latvijas Pasts
  • Circle-K pick up points Circle-K pick up points
  • Latvijas Pasts pick up points

We deliver to the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania).

You can see the delivery time on the product page or when placing an order at the stage of choosing a delivery.

The price for delivery is formed in the basket when placing an order, depending on the delivery method and region.

Payment options

  • Terminal - payment by card (upon receipt of an order in a store or delivery by courier in Riga)
  • Internet bank (Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor, Revolut, LHV, Coop pank, Medicinos bankas, Šialiu bankas etc.
  • Online payment by card (VISA/Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer

Receiving an order in a store

For your convenience, the place of delivery of goods is in Expressshop in Riga, on st. Piedrujas 12 (arrival from Piedrujas street and from Pildas street).

Free large parking on both sides of the store.

Store working hours on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00.

Lost? Our managers will help you by phone. 64112220. Lost? Our managers will help you by phone. 64112220.

Terms of receipt of the order

You can see the deadline for receiving an order on the product page or when placing an order at the stage of choosing a delivery.

Return Rights and Warranty

You have the right to return goods within 14 days (excluding personal hygiene products).

The product warranty usually lasts 2 years, for legal entities it is usually 1 year.

Also, some products have a manufacturer's warranty and can be up to 5 years.

If you want to know about a specific product, you can check with the manager by calling tel. 64112220.

Can I place an order for the company?

At the time of ordering, by entering your data, you can switch as a Legal entity and enter the data of the company.


What is a promo code?

All our subscribers to the newsletter regularly receive special offers and promo codes, which make it possible to receive additional discounts on orders, gifts or free shipping.

If you received a promo code, use it at the time of ordering and remember each code has an expiration date.

If you are not our subscriber yet, we recommend you do it right now!

How to get a loan?

Expressshop, in cooperation with InCREDIT GROUP, offers a convenient and simple provision of consumer credit for any product in our store.

At the time of ordering, at the stage of payment, you need to choose an Incredit Credit. Then fill in all the required fields with personal data.

  • Personal information
  • Declared place of residence
  • Actual place of residence
  • Information about the place of work
  • Information about family, income and obligations
  • Contact person in my absence

To borrow goods, you must be at least 18 years old. You will need a valid Latvian passport.

Leasing in cooperation with Incredit

To apply for a lease, fill out the lease application form.

  • You must be a person over 18 years of age with a valid Latvian citizen or non-citizen passport.
  • The official place of work must be indicated on the application form.
  • A certificate from the place of work is required only at the request of the leasing company. The application must be on company letterhead, indicating the company registration number, personal identification code of the tenant, position held and average earnings. The certificate must be signed by the head of the company and a transcript of the signature, as well as the seal of the company.
Leasing company logo


1.1. All goods purchased in our store are covered by the manufacturer's warranty!

1.2. The manufacturer's warranty period can vary from product to product, sometimes up to five years. You can check the warranty period with our product sales manager by phone: 28060088 or 64112220.

1.3. In order for the guarantee to be valid, you must present:

  • original document confirming the purchase (cash register receipt, invoice or receipt);
  • manufacturer's or distributor's warranty.

The warranty card must be filled in correctly, indicate the date of sale and the warranty period.

1.4. Warranty conditions do not apply to:

  • Items sold in addition to accessories, consumables, and batteries that come with items (e.g. fuses, headphones, microphones, batteries, chargers, antennas, remote controls, patch cords, dust bags, light bulbs, etc.) as well as glass, porcelain and paper parts, and hand-held plastic parts that are subject to normal wear and tear;
  • minor defects that do not affect the functioning of the product itself, such as erasure of chips or inscriptions on the product cases;
  • on parts of the goods damaged by wear and tear.

1.5. The manufacturer's warranty is void if:

  • the product has damaged warranty seals, serial numbers, as well as as a result of unauthorized repair of the product;
  • damage caused by natural disaster (flood, storm, fire, earthquake, etc.) or as a result of an accident;
  • non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as consumables (for example, cartridges) were used;
  • if the damage is caused by other independent circumstances, such as voltage fluctuations in the electric motor exceeding 10% of normal, the use of non-standard power supplies, defects due to deposits, mechanical damage to the product, ingress of foreign objects or moisture, etc.
  • if regular maintenance has not been performed (applies to goods that need it);
  • if the purchased product was used for production and non-standard professional purposes not provided for in the instructions for use.
  • the operating instructions are not followed, the operating instructions are violated;
  • due to the discrepancy between the parameters of the communication network and satellite television and other domestic factors.

1.6. The damaged product must be delivered to the service center specified in the warranty card, taking with you the original document confirming the purchase and the warranty card. If the service center is not listed, please contact our customer service center at 28060088 or 64112220.